Prairie Dust WeddingFilms

was born out of love: a love for people, and a love for the beauty of the Midwest.

Hi, I’m Michael.

I like bikes, bourbon, banter, and (camera) bokeh. I also like laughing loudly, dancing, wearing tank tops, and being a total dork.

Since 2011, I’ve captured all the feels for close to 300 couples across Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas, and even Guatemala and Hawaii. 

My favorite thing about capturing your wedding day is experiencing laughing with you and your party people and finding the little details that make it oh-so-extra-special that you might not have time to appreciate in the whirlwind of the moment. When I’m working I’m flexible, fun, and there to add to the experience. I also work in the commercial and narrative space, so you can be sure I’ll bring a cinematic eye to your day.

But more about me! I live in the Midwest as an intentional choice. I spend my free time traveling near and far and exploring my own backyard here in Nebraska. In my free time you might find me roving winding country roads on a bicycle, trying out a new bar or food hall, or dipping into a new hobby. I thrive on cultivating creative community, and I’m here to plant seeds alongside other doers and makers so we can all flourish in a creative ecosystem.

Think you’d like me at your wedding? Give me a shout! I’d love to hear from you.


Each Wedding Day

is unique, with moments of connection and details that pass by in a blur of emotion.

Our mission is to capture your special day alongside you, so you can relax and enjoy the amazing experience.

We tell your story with a cinematic style rooted in studying visual storytelling and knowing how to read a room.

We also like to make sure you’re having FUN, so we’re kind of like one of your “spirit guides” for the day!

Let’s Work Together

We’re really excited to get to know you!

Please contact us to find out more/make sure we’re available for your date.

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