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offers services that allow us to make capturing, and remembering, your special day as meaningful and as beautiful as possible.


We’ll capture the heart of your day in one evocative story you can watch over and over again for the rest of your life.

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Without a moment missed, and without a moment too much, the Wedding Film is the beautiful cornerstone we create for you that you’ll watch every anniversary—a piece that ties together all the intimate details you’ll watch over and over. Details:
  • Minimum 4:00 edit
  • Up to 10 hours of coverage
  • Voiceover narrative optional (i.e. reading letters to each other)
  • Includes toasts edit
  • Delivered digitally + hosting on Vimeo


A beautiful addition to your Wedding Film. Tell us the story of how this one time, you swiped right…

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Love Stories allow us to capture snippets of the things that make your relationship so special. Whether it’s how you met, or how they proposed, we’ll find a way to share it with your friends and family that embodies the special bond you share. Details:
  • 5-10 minute edit
  • Digital delivery + hosting on Vimeo


Play back the story of your day at your reception to amaze your guests and make your mom cry real hard.

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The Same-Day Edit means we bring an editor to your wedding to cut those moments together into a beautiful video in real-time. It plays at your reception, and your mom cries really hard. The next day, you’ll have a great keepsake to reminisce over instantly. Details:
  • Amaze your guests & get your edit instantly!
  • Coverage of the morning through the end of the ceremony, plays at reception
  • Delivered digitally + hosting on Vimeo
  • Required 3-hour turnaround for guaranteed playback time at reception
  • Ask about doing this instead of a final wedding film edit

Halo Photobooth

GIFS? Photo Strips? Live GIFS?

Yeah, The Halo does it all, with a beauty light on your face that makes you look phenomenal. Even better, it was programmed in Omaha, Nebraska! Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing. Check it out here!

Destination Weddings

We love to travel and are more than happy to work on projects both nationally and internationally.

For air travel, we require appropriate accommodations, travel day rates, and flight & transportation reimbursement. For regional travel, we require hotel & standard mileage, dependent on distance and shoot duration. View an example destination film!

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